Visit some of our friends and family and some cool sights in and around and about St. John.


SeaLife Jewelry for Those Who Love Jewelry. Lots of beautiful designs from artists all over the world. Always Free Shipping with you order.


Very Unique Cigar Band Jewelry. Rings and Cuff Links made with various colors of enamel in Sterling Silver and Gold.


Virgin Islands National Park, renowned throughout the world for its breathtaking beauty, covers approximately 3/5 of St. John. Within its borders lie protected bays of crystal blue-green waters teeming with coral reef life, white sandy beaches shaded by seagrape trees, coconut palms, and tropical forests providing habitat for over 800 species of plants.


Freebirds creative and unusual pieces offer "Something for Everyone" You will enjoy items that are unique to the Caribbean such as: "Larimar, Gemstone of the Caribbean", island sandal jewelry, aka: "The St. John Running Shoe", exclusive collection of St. John's mysterious "Petroglyph" jewelry, the "Original Caribbean Hook" and other island bracelets and Ancient and Shipwreck coin jewelry collection, one of the finest in the Caribbean.


St. John can assist you in planning your Caribbean vacation. Whether you are looking for Virgin Islands rental home in a luxurious villa or romantic Caribbean cottage, we can help you find your vacation rental home. Weather you're looking for a relaxing day sail or an exciting sport fishing adventure, we have the charter for you. You can experience scuba diving, snorkeling, world-class sailing, and windsurfing.


Steinworks jewelry by Sandi Stein is located at Coccoloba Plaza in Coral Bay St. John. If you are in the Virgin Islands stop by her studio and be sure to give a pet to Bojo as you walk in the door or she may bark at you. Custom designs are her specialty. Sandi takes orders by phone or email. If you are looking for a unique gift from the Caribbean please call!!!