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Made on our little island of St. John from dried native coconuts. (No palm tree was harmed in the making of this Loco Nut.) The fins are made from fronds of a Queen palm, or Royal Palm tree. The Loco Nuts are hand painted by local artists and each one is totaly unique. It's too cute. You can also have your Loco Nut in any color combination that you like. Pick your favorite colors and we will do our best. You can also have the Loco Nut as a Birdhouse for only $115 including shipping. (The photo may show a birdhouse, but if you order just the coconut it will have no hole for the birds).

We will ship it to you fo free! Oh ya, don forget: Satisfaction Guaranteed. If you don like it jus send it back. Like I'm worried that you ain't gon like it.


Red & Blue Coconut redbluecoconut$95.00