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Charlie makes his hot sauce by hand in small batches with love. The sauces are made with chocolate habanero and are hot and flavorful.

ORIGINAL HOT SAUCE is made with papaya and is pretty hot.

PUMPKIN HOT SAUCE is made from the West Indian pumpkin and has a unique spicey flavor.

KEY LIME HOT SAUCE is made from the yellow Key Limes and has a nice citrus tang.

WEST INDIAN SIZZLE kicks it up a notch. Flavorful with cumin and other spices.

WEST INDIAN PEPPER MASH. For the person who likes it HOT! As in REAL HOT.

Some serving suggestions are; in salsa, as a marinade for meat, on barbecued chicken, or grilled fish, in chili, in spaghetti sauce, in Johny Cakes, in tuna fish, with ketchup on french fries, or on just about anything. We think that you'll agree it is the best hot sauce you've ever tasted.

Charlies 5 ounce bottles are sold in quantities of 5.

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Trinidad Charlies Hot Sauces - Quantity 5 bottles HPS$75.00Flavors: